3 Useful Tips When Purchasing A 3 O'clock Welder

3 o'clock welders are girth welders that are renowned for their lightweight nature. They are thus easier to move around a work site. If you're looking to purchase one for your welding operations, then these tips can help you make a great investment. 

Opt For a Built-In Cooling Unit

Using a 3 o'clock welder can make the work area extremely hot. Your welder also could malfunction if it gets too hot throughout the weld. It is thus a good idea to actively pursue a 3 o'clock welder with a built-in cooling unit.

It will keep the welder cool while it's being used, which is so important for allowing it to work efficiently for long stretches at a time. The cooling unit will prevent severe damage from happening and ultimately, that means less repairs you'll have to take care of over the months.

Choose a Condition

You can get 3 o'clock welders new or used, depending on how much money you're looking to spend. New units will be substantially more, but that may be okay if you have a flexible budget and want to ensure you're making a quality investment.

If your finances are a little tight, then a used 3 o'clock welder will be the better choice. Just be cautious and thoroughly examine used welders from top to bottom. Also try them out in real time, so you can make sure they're in great shape and capable of performing like they're supposed to.

Review Welding Speed

No matter what type of welding project you're completing, you probably have tight deadlines to meet. You thus probably need a 3 o'clock welder with fast welding speeds so that you can get in and out in no time.

It's important to note that not all of these welders will have the same welding speed. Some may be faster than others, making it important to assess this attribute before purchasing. You should be able to find out the welding speed in the automatic girth welder's description. Also keep in mind that the faster this speed is, the more you may have to pay. 

There are a lot of great uses for 3 o'clock welders today and they come with a lot of great features. As long as you focus on practical aspects of this purchase, you should be able to find the right 3 o'clock welder in no time that helps your welding operations in an impactful way.

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