Tired of Running Out of Home Heating Oil? Check Out These Tips

Unexpectedly running out of home heating oil can be a pain. If you realize you're out in the evening, you may have to go through the night without heat. Additionally, although there is no danger in running out of oil — your heater's pilot light goes out so you don't have to worry about components heating up with no oil — it can be hard on your heater, and some oil companies charge a fee to bleed the line and check for leaks. 

Luckily, you can avoid running out of oil with the right strategies. Check out these tips:

1. Schedule Regular Deliveries

Most home heating oil delivery companies will let you set up automatic deliveries. They come to your home once a month and top up the oil in your system. Many companies are also willing to set schedules based on your average usage patterns. For instance, if you typically go through a whole tank in 8 weeks, they can pace your deliveries for every six weeks to help ensure your tank always has about a quarter of the oil left. 

2. Set an Alarm on Your Phone

If you're not ready to commit to regularly scheduled home heating oil deliveries, you may want to set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do manual checks. Depending on how quickly you use your heating oil, you may want to set your alarm for every few weeks or once a month. Then, simply check the oil manually and call the delivery company if you need more. 

3. Use Smart Technology 

Not surprisingly, there are apps and smart devices that can help you with this task. There is a range of smart oil meters on the market—just ask a rep from your home heating oil company what they recommend. Then, buy the monitor and install it on your oil tank according to the directions. Once the monitor is installed on your tank, it tracks your fuel levels, and when you need more fuel, it sends an alert to your phone. 

4. Invest in a Local Oil Tank Monitor

In lieu of smart technology, you can also find local oil tank monitors. Similar to smart monitors, they also attach to your tank, but rather than connecting to an app on your phone, they connect to a monitor you pace in your home. Then, you can easily check your fuel tank levels without going outside. Put the monitor in a prominent spot so you can see it on a regular basis. 

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