Need To Paint A Tall Building? Rent A Boom Lift To Get The Job Done

If you have the responsibility of painting a tall building, such as a condo or an office building in the city, you need to have the right equipment to get the job done efficiently and within a certain period. It is important to paint the building when the weather is nice outside. If it is raining or windy, the weather could compromise the outcome of the paint job while ruining all your hard work. When you are looking forward to getting the painting done with ease, you should rent a boom lift to make it possible for you to reach different heights while covering the building with a new coating of paint from the top to the bottom.

What Is the Weight Capacity of the Boom Lift?

Before you rent a boom lift, find out about its weight capacity. If you are planning to complete the paint job alone, you might not have concerns about the weight limit on the boom lift. However, if you are planning to paint with several other contractors, you want to make sure you can safely do so while staying within the weight limit of the boom lift that you are choosing to rent. 

How High Can It Reach?

Some boom lifts are much bigger than others. You should know the exact height of the building you are working on before you rent a boom lift. You must rent equipment that will extend high enough for you to get to the top of the building to apply the paint without having to extend your body too far. If you let the rental company know more details about the building, someone from the company can make sure you rent the perfect boom lift that will meet your needs.

What Are the Specifications?

Be sure to get more details on the specifications of the different boom lifts that are available for rent. You need to find out the length of the boom lift when it is extended, the width of the platform, the height of the platform, and more. You may also want to know if the boom lift you are renting is self-propelled or not.

Painting a tall building can take a lot of work because you want to cover every inch of the property with fresh paint. However, if you rent a boom lift, you can easily reach all areas of the building and get the job done a bit faster while keeping yourself safe. Reach out to a boom lift rental service for more information. 

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