Keeping Water Flowing With Heated Hoses

Heated hoses are not a new idea, but modern versions are much better quality and offer more options than their predecessors. The idea behind a heated hose is simple, but you need to ensure that the hose you are buying is well-made and has the features you need.

Heated Hose

A heated hose is not that much different from a garden hose in appearance, but you will see a plug on one end of the hose that powers the heating coils inside the hose jacket. The hose can be connected like a regular hose, and then the power plug should be connected to a GFI (ground-fault interrupt) circuit. 

Most modern heated hoses have a thermostat on the hose to control when the heater turns on and off without you having to monitor the weather and determine when you need the hose heater. The thermostat typically turns the hose on when the temperatures drop to freezing or below and turns it off when the temperatures rise high enough that there is no threat of freezing.

Agricultural Use

Heated hoses are common on some farms, especially those with animals that need water all winter long. A standard hose would freeze in the cold temperatures in many parts of the country, so using a heated hose to carry water to water troughs and other areas of the farm is an excellent solution. The heater will keep the water in the hose from freezing, so you can leave the hose out to make early morning feeding and water a little easier. 

RVs and Campers

Heated hoses are sometimes used on RVs and campers as well. The water hose that carries freshwater into the RV for the sink and shower can freeze in cold weather or during an overnight freeze. For people that live in an RV year-round, weather can be an issue, but if you plan for the cold weather, you can keep everything working. You can buy a short heated hose that is just right for the water line on your camper or RV and only plug in the heater during the colder parts of the year, and you can use it as a standard hose the rest of the time.

Industrial Hoses

Industrial facilities sometimes need a hose that will flow water in the coldest of temperatures. While a standard garden hose might not be large enough, there are larger heated hoses on the market that work the same way as the standard ones but provide more abundant water flow through the hose. Hoses up to two inches are available, and if you need a larger hose than that, you may be able to custom order one from the manufacturer. 

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