3 Signs That Indicate That You Need To Replace Your Pool Pump

Having an inground swimming pool in your backyard provides opportunities for low-impact exercise and hours of fun and enjoyment while swimming with family and friends during the summer months. But if you want to be able to use your pool and also keep it looking great and being a focal point of your backyard, the water needs to be clean. This is where the pool pump comes in — while the pool pump is running, it constantly carries the water to the filter where it can be cleaned, sanitized, and chlorinated. In order to keep your pool water clean and maintain the right chemical levels, the pool pump needs to operate properly. Some signs that your pool pump is failing and needs to be replaced include the following:

Circuit Breaker Tripping

If the circuit breaker that your pool pump trips unexpectedly, it may just be a fluke. You can safely reset your breaker, and everything should begin working properly. But if your pool pump begins tripping the circuit breaker on a regular basis and you have not added any new appliances to the circuit, it usually means that there is a big problem. When this begins happening, it is often a sign that the motor inside the pool pump is beginning to fail and tries to draw power to compensate, which causes the circuit breaker to trip. Have an experienced pool profession inspect your pool pump to see if it is time to replace it.

Decrease in Suction

The main job of a pool pump is to draw water in so it can be filtered and cleaned. Once the pool pump begins losing suction power, the water will not circulate like it should, which means that the pool water won't be sanitized. One of the biggest reasons that a pool pump experiences a substantial decrease in suction is due to a bad motor that is on its last legs. Due to the cost of a new motor, it makes more sense to replace the whole pump, especially if it is more than a decade old. 

Excessive Noise While Running

When your pool pump is running, you will be able to hear it, but the noise should be very minimal. Over time, you will get used to hearing what your pool pump sounds like normally. In the event that your pool pump begins making a lot of noise, such as screeching or grinding, there is cause for concern. These strange sounds usually mean that essential components in the pump have failed and a new pump may be needed. 

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