Create Maine-Themed Gift Baskets

Shell jewelry, decorative flags, seafood specialties, and nautical items that contain decorative motifs can be used to create unique gift baskets that symbolize your home state. If your parents and siblings live out west and you would like to share some of the culture that you enjoy in Maine, pick some items that can be used to create interesting gift displays.

Choose One Sea Creature 

Maybe you would like all of the gifts to relate to a specific sea creature, such as the lobster. Since eating lobster tails and bisque soup may be one of your favorite mealtime options, choose some shell jewelry that contains lobster charms, flags that symbolize the lobster, soup mixes, and nautical items that have painted characters on them.

This type of gift can be encased in a wicker basket or another container type that was manufactured in your home state. Use paper strands or tissue wrap to cushion the gift items. Purchase a variety of baskets, each containing materials that are a distinct color. Purchase themed paper or gift bags to conceal the gift items. 

Go With A Historical Approach

If a historical approach will be used when creating the baskets, take into consideration the date that Maine became a part of the United States, the state flag, and some historical monuments that are featured in the area that you live in. Mix small trinkets and larger items to create each basket.

A silver-plated bracelet that contains enough room for an engraving can have the state flower or bird etched into its surface. Purchase small yard flags, which your family members can display in their yards, or indoor flag items, such as ones that contain wooden sticks, that can be used as an adornment for a potted plant.

Buy some recipe books that feature classic Maine dishes and purchase some dry ingredients that your loved ones can use to recreate each dish. Buy some nautical artwork, including paintings or drawings that were created by some natives of Maine. 

For any items that are breakable, use a layer of bubble wrap to protect them. The fragile items will include dainty jewelry, artwork, and any gifts that contain multiple parts. Purchase some hand-crafted greeting cards that relate to the region you live in and write a heartfelt message inside of each one. Provide some information about the gift items that you chose, so that your family members will have some insight into their meanings. 

Contact a supplier of Maine-themed products for more ideas.

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