5 Issues to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Rig for Your Water Well Drilling Project

The selection of the rig is an important part of planning out a water well drilling job. You should understand some basics about water well rig selection if you need to have a well drilled on your property.

It's important to keep numerous issues in mind when selecting a rig to find the right rig options for the unique needs of a project. The following are five issues to keep in mind when choosing a rig for your water well. 

1. The location of the water well

Location is important in large part due to the differences in local regulations that impact water well drilling and rig choice. Municipal regulations might limit the types of rigs that can be used for the construction of water wells in certain locations. Also, consider the climate and altitude of the area where the water well will be drilled. Rig choice should differ if a water well is being drilled in a very arid location as opposed to an area that is wet and muddier. 

2. The drilling method

The drilling method for a water well could be down-the-hole drilling, auger drilling, or rotary drilling. The drilling method is an important factor for determining which rig will handle all needed drill attachments for the water well drilling job in question. 

3. The specifications for the water well

Perhaps the most important specification to consider when choosing a drilling rig is the borehole profile of the well. This is an important factor when it comes to choosing a drill rig that will be needed to accommodate any mud pump equipment or compressor the rig must be able to support. The depth of the hole must be drilled for the well. Well depth indicates the needed string weight. A rig needs to be chosen that will have enough pullback capacity to pull the entire length of the string back up. 

4. The conditions of the site

The conditions of your site will have an impact on which type of drill rig is appropriate. If you're drilling on a rocky site, a hole drilling rig that can connect with an air compressor may be necessary to get the job done. For drilling into sandy or clay conditions, a drilling rig may need to be equipped with a mud pump. 

5. The budget for the project

The type of rig used on a water well drilling project can impact the expense of the project. It's important to factor rig cost into your budget for the project and understand how various rig options could influence the costs, time frame, and quality of the resulting well. 

To learn more, contact water well drilling services. 

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