3 Reasons To Add A Stainless Steel Prep Table To Your Commercial Kitchen

Serving food on a commercial scale requires a lot of preparation. Chefs must have access to a proper workspace where they can prepare pastries, chop vegetables, and season meats to fulfill customer orders.

While there are several types of prep surfaces that you can invest in, a stainless steel table equipped with a sink is the best option. Adding one of these unique prep tables to your commercial kitchen can significantly improve the safety and efficiency of your business over time.

1. Durability

Any prep surface within a commercial kitchen setting must be capable of withstanding a lot of use. Stainless steel tables are extremely durable. The steel surface won't scratch, dent, or sustain any physical damage when used for food preparation. Tables made from wood or ceramic tile could buckle under the workload in a commercial kitchen. A stainless steel sink is also very durable. These sinks won't crack, chip, or stain as chefs work to prepare menu items.

The money that you spend on a stainless steel prep table with a sink is an investment in the overall function of your commercial kitchen in the future. Don't underestimate the value of a durable prep surface when it comes to minimizing the overhead costs in your kitchen.

2. Size

The dishes that are used for food preparation in a commercial kitchen are much larger than the dishes found in a residential setting. The larger size of the dishware can make it challenging to clean and sanitize the tools chefs use when preparing food for your customers. A stainless steel prep table equipped with a sink can provide you with a viable solution.

Stainless steel is an extremely lightweight material. Sinks that are made from stainless steel can be formed with larger and deeper bowl dimensions than their counterparts because of the lightweight nature of the stainless steel. Access to a larger sink bowl attached to a durable prep area can help keep your commercial kitchen safer and more efficient.

3. Flexibility

Stainless steel isn't typically thought of as being a flexible material. Even though steel is strong, it does have some give that allows it to absorb shock upon impact. This slight give can prove invaluable when preparing food items in a commercial kitchen.

A stainless steel prep table can prevent the accidental breakage of any ceramic, crystal, or glass dishware used during each preparatory process. Since the stainless steel surface will absorb the shock of any impact caused by dishware, it is less likely that any of your dishwares will shatter and create a dangerous environment within your commercial kitchen when your chefs prepare food at a stainless steel table.

4. Safety

Customers expect the foods they eat in a commercial setting to be safe. Municipal governments have enacted health code regulations that govern the conditions in all commercial kitchens to assure safety. If you want to ensure that the menu items you serve your guests are both delicious and safe for consumption, you should invest in a stainless steel prep table.

Stainless steel is capable of withstanding exposure to moisture on a regular basis. You won't have to worry about your prep table starting to rust and contaminating foods when the table is made from stainless steel. The non-reactive properties of stainless steel also make this a great material for use in commercial kitchens. The taste of any acidic or delicate ingredients that are prepared using a stainless steel table will not be affected by metal reactivity.

Top chefs often use stainless steel pots and pans for the same reason; to preserve the taste of the culinary masterpieces they create.

Contact a local stainless steel table with a sink supplier, such as Ultimate Restaurant Equipment, to learn more.

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