5 Advantages Of Beam Lift For Rent In Construction

Beam lift rentals are one of the most versatile equipments used in the construction industry today. It's easy to see why this type of machinery has become so popular and widespread over the last few years. From commercial building projects to residential construction sites, beam lift rentals are often used to lift large objects, such as beams and columns, into place during construction projects. There are several advantages a beam lift for rent can offer your next project instead of purchasing them outright:

1. Avoid High Capital Expenditures 

When you're just starting on a construction project, you may find that large capital expenses are overwhelming. After all, no one wants to spend massively on tools and equipment when they don't know whether their business will be successful. 

Fortunately, there are options out there to reduce those high capital expenditures. For example, many small-time contractors opt for beam lift rentals instead of purchasing one outright.

2. Access a Variety of Beam Lift Capacities 

When you rent a beam lift, you have access to models ranging from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. If you need just a little heavy lifting capacity for your project, you can rent a smaller machine and save money without sacrificing performance. It offers flexibility in construction because weights to lift have large variances.

3. Access Trained Operators Quickly 

You might have experienced difficulty getting a professional, certified operator to come on-site right away. When you pick a beam lift for rent, it comes with a trained operator. It allows for quick deployment allowing seamless productivity. You also avoid the training and HR costs of retaining an operator. 

4. Avoid  Fleet Maintenance Costs

Maintenance and repair costs for heavy machinery can be prohibitive. Consider renting a beam lift if you're just trying to complete your project on time and within budget. It will save you significant money on fleet maintenance over time. 

It allows you to allocate the funds towards completing your project successfully. The rental company is responsible for all maintenance, inspections, and preventative and emergency repairs.

5. Avoid Depreciation Costs 

When you're renting a beam lift, you can avoid depreciation costs. Depreciation is when a company invests money in a piece of equipment, but that investment lowers in value as the equipment deteriorates. 

This loss is considered an operating expense, and if it's too high, it can make your company less profitable. Using beam rentals instead of purchases can avoid these costs entirely.

Beam lifts are essential heavy lift equipment on a construction site; it helps improve labor and cost efficiency significantly. Contact an industrial equipment supplier to discuss a suitable beam lift for rent for your construction project.

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