2 Reasons To Have A Professional Replace Your Factory Equipment's Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

If a piece of hydraulic equipment in your factory has started to lose power, you may have investigated the issue to find that fluid is leaking around the cylinder's seals. After examining the seals, you may have noticed that they are cracked or showing signs of deterioration, leading you to conclude that you need to replace them.

Before you try to replace the seals yourself or have someone on your crew attempt them, you should think twice and seriously consider hiring a professional to do it. There are a couple of reasons why you should have a hydraulic cylinder repair professional replace the seals on your factory equipment's machinery.

1. They Will Find the Underlying Cause of the Seals' Failure and Make Sure It Is Fixed Before Replacing Them

One reason why you need to hire a professional repair service to replace the hydraulic cylinder seals is that they can first find and fix the underlying cause of the seals' failure. Unless the seals are very old, they should not be easily damaged or worn out.

Since there are several issues that can lead to seal failure, the cause must be addressed before the new seals are installed to make sure they are not damaged as well. The professional will look for such problems as hydraulic fluid contaminants, misaligned cylinder rods, or bent pistons. Once the cause is repaired, the hydraulic cylinder seals should last longer.

2. They Will Make Sure the Right Seals Are Installed for the Machine and the Conditions They Will Be Subjected To

Another reason to have a professional replace the cylinder seals is that they will make sure that the right seals are installed for the machine and the conditions they will be subjected to. If the seals are not the correct ones for the machine's cylinder and are too large or small, they will not last and will likely cause fluid leaks.

The seals also must be graded for the environment they are used in. If they are subjected to high heat or excessive amounts of pressure, they need to be able to withstand these conditions.

When your equipment's seals need to be replaced, a professional is needed to do the job so that they can find the underlying cause of their failure and fix it. If this is not done, the new seals will need to be replaced again shortly. They can also ensure that the right seals are installed for the size of the machine as well as the conditions they will encounter during daily use. To set up an appointment, contact a hydraulic cylinder repair service to speak with a representative.

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