What You Need To Know About Heating Oil For Your Home

Heating oil delivery companies provide several different grades and types of heating oil for use in hot water boilers and hot air heating systems commonly found in residential properties. Getting the right heating oil is essential to maintaining your heating system health and is not overly complicated in most cases.

Heating Oil

Heating oil delivery starts with selecting the right fuel for your heating system. Most residential boilers and furnaces use #2 heating oil for fuel. 

The heating oil is similar in makeup to diesel fuel but has different additives to make it more suitable for residential heating systems. Heating oil is extremely stable, burns effectively, and in a heating system that is well maintained, is relatively efficient. 

Heating Oil Storage

Heating oil is stored in a tank outside the home or in the basement near the heating system. The heating oil delivery driver must be able to access the filler on the tank, so if the tank is inside, the filler is plumbed to the outside of the home. 

Tanks that are inside are protected from the weather but can still get cold in an uninsulated basement. Storing #2 heating oil in the cold can be challenging because it can gel up in freezing temperatures.

Adding kerosene to the tank can help stop the fuel from gelling and stabilize the heating oil. The heating oil delivery service can help you determine home much kerosene you need to add, but a standard mix in colder regions can vary from thirty to fifty percent kerosene in the tank.

Heating Oil Delivery

It is vital that the heating oil delivery service can get to your tank to fill it throughout the year. In the winter, it is essential to shovel a path to the tank if you have snow on the ground to ensure the driver can fill it. 

Most heating oil delivery companies offer auto-fill services to ensure you never run out of oil, but you need to check with your local heating oil company to see how that works. Some companies also offer discounts if you prepay for fuel in the warmer months that you will not use until winter.

Find a heating oil delivery company near you and talk to them about what they offer, how to handle deliveries and requests for fuel, and find out if they offer repair services if the heating system stops working. Most heating oil companies can recommend a heating repair service if you need one, and can help you understand the fuel options for your boiler or furnace. 

Contact a heating oil company to learn more.

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