3 Tips To Prepare Your Work Site For A Crane Rental

Cranes can be valuable pieces of equipment when you need to lift heavy loads to a vertical work platform. The cost of a crane can be prohibitive, so you probably rely on rented equipment if you only have the occasional need for a crane.

Renting a crane can be affordable and convenient, but you must be sure that your work site is prepared for the crane if you want to ensure the safety of your crew.

Here are three tips that you can use to prepare your work site for a crane rental in the future.

1. Create a Clear Path

You should always ensure that the truck delivering your rented crane has a clear path to your work site. The closer the truck can get to where you need your rented crane setup, the faster you can have your crane up and running.

Move any fencing, supplies, or dirt piles that could interfere with your crane delivery. Take the time to open all gates fully so that the delivery truck has room to maneuver properly.

By creating a clear path, you can maximize the amount of time you have to work with your rented crane.

2. Identify and Remove Safety Hazards

In addition to clearing a path for the delivery truck, you want to identify any potential hazards that might interfere with the operation of your rented crane. Some common hazards to look for include tree branches, power lines, and uneven terrain.

Trim any trees that hang over into your work area so that your crane's boom can move freely. Use a grater to smooth out the path your crane will take on the job site so that you can prevent the crane from tipping over.

If power lines are present, identify a travel route that allows your rented crane to avoid these hazards.

3. Hire an Experienced Operator

Operating a crane requires a lot of training and skill. You will want to prepare for your crane rental by hiring an experienced operator.

Some rental agencies offer the option to have an operator accompany your rented crane. Take advantage of these operators. They will be familiar with the equipment and be able to help you accomplish your crane-related tasks with ease.

If you need to hire an outside operator, be sure that you know the type of crane you are renting so that you can identify the operator with the most experience.

Contact a local company to learn more about crane rental.

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